Should I invest in gold?

Going for gold is the 3,000-year-old investment strategy.  So is it the right choice for investors in Ireland? Gold has some characteristics that investors just can’t ignore.  When governments print money, countries fight wars, or political uncertainty increases, share prices can come under pressure. But demand for gold grows. This is the scenario that is … Continued

The OODA loop of financial planning

Financial planning has a bit of a bad name: boring AND expensive.  But done right, a financial plan is a roadmap to financial freedom, confidence and security. It’s true that you can spend a lot of money with some advisors, developing a plan covering all aspects of your financial life over many years.  And if … Continued

Best ways to invest €10,000 in Ireland

Moneycube is often asked about the investment alternatives for someone with around €10,000 to invest. Is there a worthwhile alternative to leaving the cash in the bank?  Yes, absolutely!  We’ve set out some considerations for someone with this kind of sum to invest. An investment fund is ideal With €10,000 at stake, the risk of … Continued

What are your pension options when you leave your job?

When you change job, your pension options change too. It’s a great time to look at your pension provision and make some improvements.  Typically, you’ll have three options for your pension when you leave your job.  You can do nothing.  You can move it into the pension that comes with your new job.  Or you … Continued

What’s the outlook for buy-to-let in Ireland?

Question of the month: I was considering an investment property at the start of this year.  What’s the outlook for buy-to-let? – GL, Carlow The coronavirus outbreak is accelerating many changes in Ireland.  Buy-to-let is definitely at the sharp end. At the start of 2020, a 7-year run of rising rents had already come to … Continued

Investing in blockchain in Ireland

It’s been said many times that data is the new oil.  Putting your money into big oil delivered massive returns in the 20th century.  Could investing in big data do the same in the 21st? There’s no doubt that there is a huge and growing demand for data management, processing and storage for the world’s financial, … Continued

Which sectors can perform strongly through the coronavirus crisis?

Just as the lockdown is affecting each of us in different ways, businesses have experienced very different impacts from the coronavirus crisis. Here’s Moneycube’s survey of four sectors which are well-positioned to perform for investors in Ireland through the coronavirus and beyond. 1. Healthcare and pharma There are two reasons healthcare and pharmaceutical stock are … Continued

5 ways you can still build a solid pension in your 40s

Feeling guilty about your pension plans?  Don’t. Fact is, many people in Ireland reach their 40s before they really start to think about how they’ll afford life when they stop working. The good news is that if you take action now, you have several decades of working life to see the benefits come through. Here … Continued

What should a financial plan cover?

Done right, a financial plan cuts stress, improves your finances, and helps you achieve your major goals in life. Like a jigsaw puzzle, a financial plan can have a lot of separate pieces, and different levels of detail.  It can be about your values and dreams as well as practicalities. But above all, it needs … Continued