Technology is changing how we use financial services. It’s driving down costs, creating new ways to save your money and giving more control over your money.

Fintech’s exciting – but how can this digital disruption benefit you as an investor or pension save?

Our fintech and digital wealth blog discusses the changes that technology is bringing to Ireland.

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Easiest way to invest in QQQ in Ireland

Some funds just capture the imagination.  QQQ’s one of them.  Formed in 2002, this technology-focused fund has grown by over 1,000% (yes, one thousand per cent) since that time. And the good news is that there are several ways to access it depending on the size and shape of your investment. What is QQQ? Known … Continued

Investing in blockchain in Ireland

It’s been said many times that data is the new oil.  Putting your money into big oil delivered massive returns in the 20th century.  Could investing in big data do the same in the 21st? There’s no doubt that there is a huge and growing demand for data management, processing and storage for the world’s financial, … Continued

Vanguard socially responsible (SRI) funds review

Vanguard index funds and ethical investing are two of the biggest investing trends in Ireland today. So what happens if you put both of them together? Here’s our review of Vanguard’s SRI (socially responsible investment) or ethical fund offering for Irish investors. Read on to find how you can construct an ethical portfolio for your … Continued

Question of the month: should I invest in P2P lending in Ireland?

Peer-to-peer lending is the newest entrant on the Irish investment scene.  Should you put your money in it?  And if so, what part does P2P have in your wider portfolio? Moneycube examines your options. Before we start, a word of warning.  Peer-to-peer lending is not regulated in Ireland, and Moneycube doesn’t provide advice on it. … Continued

Tax-free €3,000

Tax is complicated and expensive, so Moneycube loves simple ways to save on it.  Here’s one of our favourites – the small gift exemption. This tax break lets anyone give another person up to €3,000 per year without triggering a tax charge for the giver or the receiver.  We find it a great way to … Continued

Investing with a direct debit: drip, drip, drip

Is there space in your monthly budget for a regular investment?  There are a lot of benefits to the drip-feed approach. It’s not long since you needed a large chunk of cash to start investing.  That’s changed now, and Moneycube can arrange investments from €250 per month. We’ve described some of the benefits of investing … Continued

5 money mistakes to avoid in your 40s

Your 40s are typically some of your peak earning years.  So how do you make the most of them?  Here’s our top 5 money mistakes to avoid in your 40s. All your wealth in property Many people in their forties have paid down the mortgage on their house and seen their salary go up, and … Continued

5 reasons you should avoid investments that charge early exit fees

For some reason, many people investing their money in Ireland get talked into investments which lock up their cash for five years or even longer.  Moneycube explains why most people should avoid investment plans that come with early exit fees attached. And if you’re considering a plan like this, we have some simple suggestions before … Continued

How to choose a financial adviser

Choosing the right financial adviser can save you a lot of time, money and hassle.  Here’s Moneycube’s 5 point guide to getting the help you need, the way you want it.  1. Who needs advice? Before you jump in, think carefully about where advice will really be valuable.  There’s no point in paying for something … Continued