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Taking the temperature in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is a storied part of the US economy, and even the American dream. It has been the birthplace of numerous world-beating businesses for decades, from Hewlett-Packard and Intel in the twentieth century to Nvidia and Apple today.  What’s made the San Francisco Bay Area so successful? Its success is built on a fertile … Continued

What is rebalancing?

Rebalancing is the process of adjusting your investments between different types of assets. It’s best explained by an example. Imagine you had originally bought a portfolio of investments, split 50:50 between company shares and bonds. (See the left-hand bar on the chart above).  You then plan to leave it some time to do its work, growing … Continued

Investing in money market funds

Investor interest in money market funds has exploded in the last 18 months.  In 2023, global value of funds in the money market increased 17% to US$ 9.9 trillion according to ratings agency Fitch.  So what’s a money market fund, why would you want to invest in one?  What are the advantages… and the risks? … Continued

Dealing with volatility in your investment portfolio

Is the stock market getting more volatile?  Or does it just seem that way?  And what should you do about it? There’s no doubt the 2020s have been chock-full of shocks so far. We might have hoped for a roaring twenties… in fact we’ve had pandemics, war, and shortages driving inflation. For sure, the world … Continued

Zurich Prisma funds review

Zurich Prisma funds are one of the best-known multi-asset ranges in Ireland. Against comparable funds, they are consistently at or near the top of their peer group. In fact, around 100,000 people in Ireland have invest in Prisma. So what are Zurich Prisma funds, how do they perform, and should you invest in them? What … Continued

How to invest an inheritance

Receiving an inheritance can be life-changing.  It can be unexpected, of uncertain timing – and can come with a lot of emotion attached. A lot of people feel an obligation to ‘do the right thing’ when considering how to invest an inheritance. But what’s the right thing? If you’ve inherited money – or received a … Continued

TINA or TARA?  Time to choose as interest rate cuts approach

For much of the 2010s, investors stuck loyally to TINA.  The mantra was that in an era of rock-bottom interest rates, There Is No Alternative to investing in equities. But with central bank interest rate hikes over the last three years, investment wags pointed out that TARA had arrived on the scene: There Are Reasonable … Continued


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