Simple, clear and great-value fees

We hate hidden costs.  So our fees are simple, clear, and great value.

Moneycube charges a fraction of the cost of most traditional financial advisors.  You can typically save 75% on fees for regular or lump sum investments.

Great value No hidden charges Fees come from your investment pot
Qualified Financial Advisor manages your account

Cost of advice is included in ongoing fee

Online access to monitor your funds anytime

No fees for adding or withdrawing money

No hourly rate charges

No trading fees, account fees, or setup fees

No separate bills or bank transactions

Fees charged based on fund value

Your investment account fee has two elements:

  1. Our advice and service fee
  2. The fund manager’s fee and trading costs

These are explained more fully below.  You can also read our detailed disclosure under the Consumer Protection Code here.

Most of our customers pay between 1% and 1.5% a year all-in for financial advice, fund management, and platform/ trading costs.

1. Our advice and service fees

Our standard fees are:

Value of funds Charge
On the first €1,000,000 0.5%
On the value over €1,000,000 0.25%

In certain cases, we can reduce this if we receive an initial payment from fund providers.  This is always disclosed to you in full.

2. Fund manager and trading costs

Fund management fees can vary greatly depending on the style of management – and what they can get away with.  Our focus is on keeping fees low while making sure your funds are professionally managed to the highest standards in line with your investment aims.

We’ve set out some typical cases below so you can be clear on what you’ll pay when you invest through Moneycube.  In our detailed recommendation, we’ll clearly set out all charges in your specific case.

Account type Charge
Investments – life company 0.75% (more on this)
Investments – direct 0.52% – 1.0% (more on this)
Pensions 0.5% – 1.0%


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