Introducing Moneydocs

At Moneycube, we’re big believers in helping you take control of your money. That’s why we’ve created Moneydocs. You can download it here.

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What does Moneydocs do?

It’s a place for you to record your key financial information – both to make it easier for you to run your financial life, and also to communicate it to others when they need to know. Moneydocs will help you to:

  • Feel in control of your finances
  • Identify gaps in your financial plans
  • Maintain your financial wellbeing – and that of those around you

Using Moneydocs is simple:

  1. Download a copy and fill out all the sections that are relevant to you. The grey boxes are for completion, and you can add or remove sections to tailor things for your situation.
  2. Review it at least annually, and consider the need for updates, or if there are gaps you should address.
  3. Think about sharing it with your next of kin or someone you trust or letting them know it exists and where they can find it.

We hope you find Moneydocs useful! Please share it with others you think might find it useful, and send your feedback to

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