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Do you feel that you should be doing more with your money? At Moneycube, we believe that with the right advice, everyone can take charge of their savings.

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Tired of watching your savings go nowhere in the bank?

Moneycube makes it easy to place your savings in diversified, professionally managed investment funds.
You can start with small amounts, and add to, or withdraw your money at any time.
And support from a Qualified Financial Advisor is on hand throughout to help you put your money to work.

Globally diversified, professionally managed

A portfolio run by professional investment managers, invested globally to spread risk and increase the opportunity for returns.

Withdraw your funds at any time

It's your money: so you can add to it or withdraw it at any time.

Transparent, great-value pricing

We hate hidden costs, so we’ve made our fees simple, clear and great value.


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