Investing your money when you’re young can bring big rewards.  For young Moneycube users, it’s about taking decisions now which will benefit you over the long term.

At Moneycube we’ve been speaking to our users about why they invest, and how investing makes them feel.

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Here, Thomas explains why he chose to start investing now to harness the power of compounding, and grow his wealth over a long period.  In this video he explains why it’s worth getting started in the world of investing when you’re young.

The longer you can afford to invest for, the greater the potential for strong returns.  That’s because you can invest in assets with a higher risk-reward profile, and pay less attention to short-term ups and downs in the investment markets.

Recorded at our recent event on investing in Ireland, Thomas talks about the why it’s worth getting into a good investing routine now in order to benefit in future.

“Sacrifice what you have in the moment, for what you could have in the future”, advises Thomas.


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This is the second video in a series where we talk to Moneycube users about their financial goals and investments.

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By investing €400 a month you could save €27,900 in 5 years

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How to get started investing in Ireland