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Dealing with volatility in your investment portfolio

Is the stock market getting more volatile?  Or does it just seem that way?  And what should you do about it? There’s no doubt the 2020s have been chock-full of shocks so far. We might have hoped for a roaring twenties… in fact we’ve had pandemics, war, and shortages driving inflation. For sure, the world … Continued

Question of the month: What is actually happening with auto-enrolment?

I keep reading that a system for automatically enrolling workers in a State pension system is imminent, but it never seems to arrive.  As a result I’ve held off starting a pension until auto-enrolment is available – is that wise?  I’m a top-rate taxpayer in my late fifties, so paying 52% tax plus PRSI and … Continued

Best place to invest money in Ireland in 2024

Welcome to Moneycube’s annual roundup of the best investments available in Ireland. We’ve chosen five funds we think have strong potential for the year ahead in the wake of tricky 2023, and a promising start to 2024.  If you’re looking to invest money in Ireland, read on. Whether you’re a new investor, or looking to invest … Continued

How did we do in 2023?

Each year, we pick a handful of investment funds available to Irish investors and highlight them on our blog.  We’ve charted below how our 2023 selections performed. Interested in our 2024 picks?  Click here to read more. 2023 was a tricky year to have your money in investment funds.  Equity markets were up 18.1% in … Continued

What will drive markets in 2024?

2023 is ending with momentum. Markets have enjoyed a sustained rally over the last eight weeks, spurred by growing hopes that a ‘soft landing’ can be achieved for the economy while inflation is tamed and interest rates fall. But that disguises a year that was far from plain sailing for investors.  Even at the halfway … Continued

December year end? Now’s the time to boost your company pension

If your company is like most in Ireland, its accounting year ends in December.  And that means now’s the time to think about making a special contribution to your company pension – especially if you’ve experienced a strong trading year. Read on to find out what’s good about topping up a company pension before year … Continued

Moneycube’s 1% cashback offer is offering people one per cent cashback on their pensions to encourage them to plan for their retirement. In a first for the pensions market in Ireland, Moneycube wants to put cash back in customers’ pockets, and incentivise people to take charge of their pension savings. Cashback offers are a successful feature of the … Continued

How to start a pension in Ireland


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How to start a pension in Ireland