Ethical investments and pensions

Talk to Moneycube if you’re seeking ethical and ESG-rated investment and pensions options in Ireland. We’ll help you put your money into funds that stay true to your values.

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Invest with impact

Taking control of your savings and pension is also about deciding how you want it to be invested.
Using Moneycube you can select fossil fuel-free portfolios, avoid tobacco and defence companies, and choose to use fund providers who have signed up to the UN Principles for Responsible Investing.
There’s a world of ethical investment options out there, from clean energy to gender equality to funds that avoid certain industries. Talk to Moneycube to invest your pension or savings ethically today.

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Globally diversified, professionally managed

An ethical portfolio run by professional investment managers, invested globally to spread risk and increase the opportunity for returns.

Socially responsible investing

A pension or investment account invested in companies that do business in a sustainable and progressive way.

Transparent, great-value pricing

We hate hidden costs, so we’ve made our fees simple, clear and great value.


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Should you be doing more with your money? Our free ebook guides you through your investment options and shows you how to avoid the investing pitfalls that could derail your finances.



How to get started investing in Ireland

How to start a pension in Ireland


Should you be doing more for your retirement? Our free ebook guides you through your pension options and answers the three big questions to get you on your way to a well-planned retirement. 

How to start a pension in Ireland