is offering people one per cent cashback on their pensions to encourage them to plan for their retirement.

In a first for the pensions market in Ireland, Moneycube wants to put cash back in customers’ pockets, and incentivise people to take charge of their pension savings. Cashback offers are a successful feature of the Irish mortgage market but have never been used to encourage people to plan for their retirement.

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How does 1% cashback on my pension work?

The one per cent cashback offer will be available to customers advised by Moneycube to move current or old company pensions, personal pensions, personal retirement bonds, and Approved Retirement Funds worth €50,000 or more.

The average value of a pension at retirement in Ireland is €90,000-€100,000.

A person transferring a pension of €100,000 would receive €1,000 in cashback.

Cashback will be paid on all pensions initiated by 15 December 2023, subject to meeting the conditions of the pension. Detailed terms are set out below.

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Why is Moneycube offering cashback on pensions?

We are very excited to be the first company in Ireland to offer customers cashback on their pensions. We are introducing it as we believe that it will encourage people to research their retirement and motivate them to get smart about their pensions.

Irish pension savers want transparency, value and performance from their pensions. Findings as part of Pensions Awareness Week 2023 show that far too many people in Ireland feel that way about their pensions right now.

What’s more, people find it difficult to make a start on optimising their retirement plans, and we believe this will incentivise pension savers to dust down those plans.

At a time of rising cost pressures, our offer will put cash back in the hands of pension savers, as well as help them improve their pension position.

We all know we need to engage with our pension plans – and we believe the offer of some cold hard cash will give many people the motivation they need to do the right thing for their financial future.

Moneycube cashback terms and conditions

  • Cashback applies to single pension transfers and new pensions of €50,000 and over and will be paid at the rate of one per cent of the amount transferred.
  • Cashback applies to transfers from old pensions, lump sums into new pensions, and pensions being retired/ drawn down. It excludes transfers from defined benefit pensions and non-pension investments, PRSAs, and self-directed pensions.
  • The all-in annual management cost is from 1.25% depending on fund choice.
  • Cashback will be paid on pensions initiated by 15 December 2023.
  • Cashback payments will be paid within 90 days following completion of the pension transfer/ opening.
  • As a financial advisor, Moneycube will only recommend to transfer or open a pension if we believe it is in your overall financial best interest.  This may mean we recommend that you do not transfer or open a pension – for example, if it would create a liability for penalty charges with your old provider, or be unaffordable.
  • The promoter of this offer, and advisor on starting or transferring the pension, is Moneybox Financial Limited t/a Moneycube, 13 Adelaide Road, Dublin 2.

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