Look under the lid before investing in UK markets in 2022

All eyes are on the UK just now following the death of Queen Elizabeth.  Are the UK’s financial markets also at a turning point? In a difficult year for most regions, UK markets have outperformed so far.  The FTSE100 index of top 100 companies is down around 5.5% in Euro terms (and only around 2% … Continued

How rich are the Irish?

Moneycube examines our average wealth Read our July infographic to learn exactly how rich are the Irish, and where they keep it. Sources: Moneycube estimates; Central Bank of Ireland; Standard Life; Central Statistics Office

How fintech is changing investing in Ireland

The Irish fintech scene goes from strength to strength, as this map, by the guys at Fintech Ireland, shows.  And Moneycube is doing its bit to introduce technology into the investing process. But what does the buzz about financial technology mean for your savings, investments and pension?  Here’s Moneycube’s guide to how fintech is changing … Continued


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How to get started investing in Ireland