KBC investments are on the way out. What are the alternatives?

KBC investments are disappearing from the Irish landscape.  The bank is heading for the exit, and people in Ireland who have invested their savings with them have decisions to make. If you have a regular or lump sum investment with KBC Bank, what should you do? We outline your options. This article is on regular … Continued

Can ethical investing really help in the fight against climate change?

As global leaders and climate activists meet in Glasgow for COP26, we look at the part pensions can play in addressing climate change.  This article is adapted from a Moneycube opinion piece which appeared in The Journal on 3 November 2021.  What links climate change, the Black Lives Matter movement and the Facebook whistleblowing controversy? They’re … Continued

Company investments: put your excess cash to work

Central Bank of Ireland statistics show Irish companies had cash on deposit of over €142 billion in June 2021. That’s a heck of a lot of unproductive cash earning zero – or possibly negative – returns. If you run a small- or medium-sized business in Ireland, here are five good reasons to consider investing some … Continued

What should I do with my KBC PRSA pension?

KBC’s leaving Ireland. The Belgian bank that once seemed set to challenge the dominance of AIB, Bank of Ireland and Permanent TSB is packing its bags.  If you have PRSA pension with KBC Bank, should you stick with it or move? We outline your options. The KBC PRSA seemed a great alternative When it comes … Continued

Investing in Vanguard LifeStrategy funds in Ireland

One of the most popular fund ranges, from one of the most popular investment managers, just got easier to access in Ireland.  Vanguard LifeStrategy just became readily available. Vanguard’s LifeStrategy funds have in fact been available in Ireland for some years… but only in sterling funds, with high minimum investments, and considerable hassle. Now it’s … Continued

Question of the month: Should I invest via my local bank?

I have held around €40,000 in cash savings for some time. My bank recently approached me and suggested that I invest some of the cash I have saved with them. Should I take its advice? – Anon, Co Meath Ireland’s banks have been grappling with a strange problem lately: too much money. These days, minding … Continued