Investing in money market funds

Investor interest in money market funds has exploded in 2023.  In mid-March, just after the Silicon Valley Bank debacle, over $100 billion was moved into money market funds in a single week.  So what’s a money market fund, why would you want to invest in one?  What are the advantages… and the risks?  And how … Continued

Question of the month: should I buy shares in BP?

I have a portfolio of shares (€35k). It is balanced through different sectors. I like receiving dividends, especially from my BP shares, which I bought after the Deepwater Horizon tragedy. I have a cash lump sum (€40k) sitting on a low/no interest PTSB bank account, for the last five years. Every year I say I’ll … Continued

What does the Silicon Valley Bank collapse mean for investors?

For most people in Ireland, memories of bank collapses are still raw.  So it’s no surprise the Irish government and others are paying special attention to news of the collapse of US-headquartered technology lender, Silicon Valley Bank. Here’s our briefing on what happened, and five likely implications for investors. Before we start: it’s less than a week since … Continued

Window is closing on last chance to maximise UK state pension

If you live in Ireland but worked in the UK during your career, there’s a good chance you’re entitled to the UK state pension as well as your Irish one. As the rules will change soon, you must act fast to make sure you’re getting your maximum UK entitlement. *** Update 8 March: The UK … Continued

60-second financial health check

Are you financially fit?  Here’s Moneycube’s one-minute financial health check to help you take the pulse of your finances. Is your money working for you? Spring 2023 has seen a marked rise in volatility in the markets. There are winners and losers. Do your investments fit with your true appetite for risk and reward? If … Continued

Question of the month: should I sell my buy to let property?

My husband and I bought a flat in Dublin in 2007. When we had a family, we outgrew the flat and rented it out. We’ve been accidental landlords ever since. In recent years, the value of the property has finally overtaken what we owe on the mortgage and with the burden of maintenance costs, taxes … Continued

Best place to invest money in Ireland in 2023

Welcome to Moneycube’s annual roundup of the best investments available in Ireland. We’ve chosen five funds we think have strong potential for the year ahead in the wake of nasty 2022, and a promising start to 2023.  If you’re looking to invest money in Ireland, read on. 2022 was a financial rollercoaster.  From sliding bond … Continued