What’s the “small benefit exemption”?

The small benefit exemption is a concession which lets employers in Ireland give staff a voucher – but not cash – free of tax. In Budget 2023, the value of the small benefit exemption was doubled from €500 to €1,000 per year, effective from 2022. From an employer’s perspective, no employer PRSI applies to the … Continued

Question of the month: How many investment funds should I hold?

I’m investing a lump sum over the next few months, and want to keep things fairly simple.  At the same time, I’m aware there’s a need to avoid putting all my eggs in one basket, and to spread my risk instead.  Is one investment fund enough?  Or how many investment funds should I hold? – TM, … Continued

What’s going on in the global bond market?

Traditionally seen as a safer bet, bonds have been a loss-maker for Irish investors so far in 2022. Stock markets might grab the headlines. But the bond market is bigger, and has been experiencing tough times of its own. One major bond index, the Bloomberg Global Aggregate, is down nearly 9% for Euro investors over … Continued

Zurich Prisma funds review

Zurich Prisma funds are one of the best-known multi-asset ranges in Ireland. Against comparable funds, they are consistently at or near the top of their peer group. That’s led more than 70,000 people in Ireland invest in Prisma. So what are Zurich Prisma funds, how do they perform, and should you invest in them? What … Continued

Approaching retirement age? A conversation with Bonkers.ie

A person who’s approaching retirement today, could spend as much time in retirement as they did while working. Planning for how you’ll fund it is vital. We’ve been speaking with comparison site Bonkers.ie on what it means for people in Ireland. Listen to the podcast, or read the transcript below – updated for 2022 conditions – … Continued

Auto-enrolment in Ireland: how will it affect you?

Auto-enrolment in Ireland: if you’re serious about your pension, Ireland’s auto-enrolment solution won’t get you there Moneycube’s calculations indicate a regular person can hope for a retirement income of just under €12,000 per year using Ireland’s promised auto-enrolment programme.   On 29 March the government announced auto-enrolment really is coming to Ireland – in 2024. … Continued

How do I invest in the metaverse?

The metaverse entered the real world in a big way in late 2021. Facebook rebranded itself as Meta Platforms, and announced it was investing $10 billion a year there, effectively staking the future of its business on the metaverse. So what is it, and how do I invest in the metaverse? What’s the metaverse? Trying … Continued


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