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Investing in private equity

Sometimes the challenge with investing is not identifying great opportunities – but getting access to them.  Many of the best growth stories in recent years have come from companies that have stayed away from the public markets, and grown with private capital. Stripe and Revolut are just two examples of multi-billion businesses that have grown … Continued

Moneycube’s midyear market review

The markets have been a positive place for your money in the first half of 2021. There were decent gains to be had in equities, corporate bonds (mostly) and many commodities. What drove that performance, and what does it mean for the next six months, and beyond? Equities had three tailwinds in H1 In Euro … Continued

How do I manage my financial affairs effectively?

Introducing Moneydocs At Moneycube, we’re big believers in helping you take control of your money. That’s why we’ve created Moneydocs. You can download it here. DOWNLOAD What does Moneydocs do? It’s a place for you to record your key financial information – both to make it easier for you to run your financial life, and … Continued

Starting a pension when you’re self employed and in your 40s

If you work for yourself, funding a pension is something that can get left behind.  There are plenty of competing demands on your cash, especially in the early years of trading.  Here’s how you can make a start on your pension if you’re in your 40s and self-employed. Some good news to begin with The … Continued

Question of the month: how should I invest €150,000?

We recently sold our house in a busy commuter town to move to the country, as we are both able to work mostly from home and felt we could get a house for less and do something with the difference. We did better than expected on the sale and, combined with our savings, have just … Continued

How to invest a windfall

An inheritance, a bonus, selling your business or winning the lottery: receiving a windfall lump sum can be life-changing. Moneycube has some simple rules to get the best out of a cash windfall. 1. Focus on wealth preservation Becoming wealthy is about growing your assets.  Staying wealthy is about preserving them. That means minimising your … Continued

The risks of leaving cash on deposit

Leaving money in the bank is sometimes said to be the risk-free choice.  But in fact, keeping your savings in cash does carry risk.  Here are some questions to think about if all your wealth is in cash. How safe is your money? As the recession taught us, Irish banks and credit unions aren’t invincible.  … Continued