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I’ve paid off my mortgage early: now what?

Mortgages in Ireland are cheaper than they’ve ever been – but you’ve still got to pay it off some time.  For many people, becoming debt-free and owning our house outright is a major financial goal. So if the end is in sight – firstly, well done, and now, what next? Don’t give up that good … Continued

Tackling the gender pension gap

Irish Life ran a great ad ran last year, showing women queueing up at an ice-cream van on a summer’s day to buy a 99. Imagine their disappointment to be told they could only be served a “77”. What’s that? Well, it’s the same ice-cream, but yours is 22% smaller.  Heck, even the flake is … Continued

Claiming tax relief on a personal pension

If your employer pays over your contributions, then they’ll typically handle the tax deductions for you.  But if you’re paying into a personal  each month from your own bank account, you’ll need to let Revenue know so that they can adjust your tax credits. Here’s Moneycube’s handy guide to claim your tax credit on contributions … Continued

How to make a lump sum top-up contribution to your pension

Everything you need to know to make a last-minute pension contribution ahead of the 2019 income tax deadline Making a lump sum pension contribution is a great way to rapidly increase your pension provision and secure your financial future. And now is a great time to top up your pension and claim income tax relief … Continued

Bank of Ireland negative interest rates on pensions: what should you do?

Bank of Ireland recently decided to charge negative interest rates on individual pensions set up through trustees.  Are you affected?  We’ve set out the key facts and some options to consider. If you’d like to discuss how Moneycube can help you get to grips with this change, get in touch. What’s happened? It’s become clear … Continued

Moneycube’s midyear market review

If you’re in the habit of checking in on your investments every six months, you’ll have had a pretty uneventful investing year so far.  Many equity funds are flat, or even slightly ahead for the six months to the end of June 2020. But that disguises one of the most dramatic periods for investors in … Continued

How does tax relief on pensions work?

The government really wants you to save for your retirement.  So they offer three great tax advantages to encourage you to save into your pension. Here’s Moneycube’s explainer on the three tax concessions for pension savers.  Read how tax relief on pensions in Ireland works, how much you can claim, and how that will accelerate … Continued