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End-of-year investing checklist

It’s almost the end of 2018.  Here are Moneycube’s five to-dos to wrap up your 2018 investments and finances. 1. Review your capital gains tax position If you purchase shares directly, this one’s for you. Some investors will be sitting on losses following recent market moves.  Combined with the annual capital gains allowance of €1,270, … Continued

Storm clouds gather: what’s an investor to do?

Last week was a bumpy ride for investors as markets dipped 2 or 3 per cent on Wednesday and Thursday, before flattening a little on Friday.  What’s going on?  And what’s to be done? The immediate cause here is rising US interest rates, which went up at the end of September, mainly in response to … Continued

Investing with a direct debit: drip, drip, drip

Is there space in your monthly budget for a regular investment?  There are a lot of benefits to the drip-feed approach. It’s not long since you needed a large chunk of cash to start investing.  That’s changed now, and Moneycube can arrange investments from €250 per month. We’ve described some of the benefits of investing … Continued

Does buy-to-let still stack up for investors in Ireland?

Despite Ireland’s housing shortage, it’s hard to make the numbers add up when it comes to investing in buy-to-let property. The individual landlord faces increasing regulation, professional competition, and a big bet on Ireland’s volatile property market. Moneycube describes what’s going on, and some investment alternatives if you’re considering a property investment. The maths looks … Continued

Your pension options at retirement

For most of us, the days of a guaranteed pension for life from our employer are gone. If you’re reading this, your pension options at retirement are probably more complicated. These days, you have several choices to make use of your defined contribution pension pot. Most people have built up a ‘defined contribution’ pension fund … Continued

What inflation did to your savings in the first half of 2018

At Moneycube we believe more people should think about investing their savings. One big reason for that is that it is almost impossible now to make any money by leaving it on deposit in the bank. Deposit rates continue at near-zero levels. But inflation has continued to erode the value of our money, as data from … Continued

What is a company share?

Companies issue shares – sometimes called stocks – to raise money.   Buyers of shares (also known as shareholders) own a piece of the company.   Shareholders bear the rewards and the risks of the ups and downs in the share price.  They also own the right to any dividends, which is the income paid … Continued

What’s an ARF?

An Approved Retirement Fund, or ARF, is a pot for your pension money after you retire. When you retire, the pension fund(s) you have paid into (perhaps an executive pension, a personal pension, or a PRSA), are available to you.  You can then take decisions on what to do with this money. One of your … Continued

Why watching the market is a waste of time

At Moneycube we want to help people take control of their savings.  But that doesn’t mean you should pay much attention to the ups and downs of the stock market, or bother checking your investments every day. Here’s why – and what you should do instead. Investing is a long term game Most news is … Continued