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Will inflation affect savers and investors in Ireland?  

We’ve been living in a low-interest and low-inflation world for a decade or more now.  But markets have started to consider that things might change.  What does that mean for investors and savers in Ireland? First, let’s be positive.  Inflation – if it comes – offers opportunities and risks for investors. Why are markets re-considering … Continued

How not to invest: 5 investments to avoid during 2021  

We spend so much time talking about ways to invest your money… it’s time to look at some investments that are best avoided. Whether it’s the risk of scams, returns that are too good to be true, excessive costs or risks, here are five investments that we believe are best avoided for most investors. A … Continued

What is a multi asset fund?

Irish savers have more than €22 billion invested in multi asset funds.  So what are they, and what’s so attractive about using them to build your savings? A multi asset fund does what it says on the tin: it is an investment fund that can hold lots of different kinds of assets.  That might include, … Continued

Investing in European real estate with Greenman

This guest blog comes from our friends at Greenman, the Dublin-based fund manager which specialises in managing funds that invest in food anchored-retail real estate in Europe, and has a steady track record of generating income for Irish investors. Investment consultant Michael Irving explains Greenman OPEN fund’s strategy, performance and outlook for 2021 and beyond. … Continued

Question of the month: How do I invest €20,000?

I have €20,000 that I want to invest, with the hope of making some return – or at least not having it depreciate in a bank account. I have an emergency fund, no mortgage, and am paying regularly into a pension so this is money that I can put to work. Should I pick my … Continued

Investing with a direct debit: drip, drip, drip

Is there space in your monthly budget for a regular investment?  There are a lot of benefits to the drip-feed approach. It’s not long since you needed a large chunk of cash to start investing.  That’s changed now, and Moneycube can arrange investments of as little as €250 per month. Each month, your money will … Continued

Best place to invest money in Ireland in 2021

Welcome to Moneycube’s annual roundup of the best investments available in Ireland. We’ve chosen five funds we think have strong potential for as the world tries to get back to something like normal. 2020 was a year of ups and downs in investing as in the wider world, but if you stayed the course – … Continued

5 ideas to make the most of your finances in 2021

2020 has had an impact on everyone’s finances.  So whether you’re in recovery mode, or looking for new ways to maximise the extra cash you’re saving, we can help you get your finances into shape for the New Year. Take stock of what you’ve got Last year saw some major moves in the financial markets.  … Continued