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Should I move my UK pension back to Ireland?

If you’ve spent a few years working in the UK, it’s likely you’ve built up a decent pension pot.  Now you’ve moved back, should you bring your pension with you? We've prepared answers to all the big questions to help you decide. Why should I move my UK pension? There are several reasons bringing your … Continued

Best place to invest money in Ireland in 2020

Welcome to Moneycube’s annual roundup of the best investments available in Ireland. We’ve chosen six funds we think have strong potential for the new decade. Whether you’re a new investor, looking to invest a large lump sum, or seeking income from your investments, we’ve got a fund for you. We’ve also crunched the numbers to identify our favourite global equities … Continued

How did we do in 2019?

Each year, we pick a handful of investment funds available to Irish investors and highlight them on our blog.  We’ve charted below how our 2019 selections performed. Interested in our 2020 picks?  Click here to read more. There’s no doubt 2019 was a cracking year to have your money in investment funds.  Our of our … Continued

Question of the month: what’s the investment outlook for 2020?

After such a strong performance for investments in 2019, it’s almost inevitable that in 2020, Irish investors will see more modest returns. Markets were up around 28% from January to November 2019, as markets bounced back from a painful few months at the end of 2018.  But while it’s unrealistic to expect a repeat performance … Continued

End-of-year investing checklist

It’s almost the end of 2019 – and the decade!  Here are Moneycube’s five to-dos to wrap up your 2019 investments and finances. 1. Review your capital gains tax position If you purchase shares directly, this one’s for you. Every taxpayer in Ireland has an annual capital gains allowance of €1,270. After the year of … Continued

December year end? Now’s the time to boost your company pension

If your company is like most in Ireland, its accounting year ends in December.  And that means now’s the time to think about making a special contribution to your company pension – especially if you’ve experienced a strong trading year. Read on to find out what’s good about topping up a company pension before year … Continued

Should I move my UK defined benefit pension to Ireland?

Before we start: this article deals specifically with moving defined benefit, or final salary, pension schemes from the UK into Ireland.  If you’re looking for a general view on moving your pensions back to Ireland, please click here. If you spent some of your career working in the UK, you may have built up defined … Continued

I’m in my 60s: what should I do to prepare for retirement?

If you’re in your early 60s and thinking about retiring, decisions you make now can have a big effect on your post-work situation.  Here’s a checklist of items to think about as you plan your retirement income. 1. What’ve you got? It’s time to dust down your existing pensions and investments.  Fact is, the pension … Continued

How to make a lump sum top-up contribution to your pension

Everything you need to know to make a last-minute pension contribution ahead of the 2018 income tax deadline Making a lump sum pension contribution is a great way to rapidly increase your pension provision and secure your financial future. And now is a great time to top up your pension and claim income tax relief … Continued