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Regular savings

Regular savings enable you to invest on a monthly basis.

With Moneycube, you can invest from as little as €250 per month (and there’s no maximum!).

From €250 and upwards, investment funds are ideal.  They offer diversity, flexibility, and growth opportunities via a monthly direct debit.

Monthly investments made simple

Saving a fixed amount each month removes the need to think about when to invest a lump sum. Because you’re drip-feeding your money into your investment, the cost of your investment will average over several periods, smoothing your returns.

It’s likely best to avoid a major upfront cost if you are starting off.  So with Moneycube’s regular savings service, there are no setup fees or account fees.  (You can read all the detail on our fees here).

Benefits of a regular savings plan

Your money will be invested into funds run by some of Ireland’s leading providers.

Easy to get started, and set up a monthly direct debit

Flexibility in running your investment plan

Transparent, low charges


If you’re setting up a plan that’ll be in place for a few years, there’s a good chance your needs will change along the way.  So the regular investment plans we arrange typically allow you to adjust your investment along the way.

You’ll want the flexibility to move between funds without incurring charges, if your risk appetite changes, for example.

You’ll want to know you can access your money when you need it, without facing penalty charges.  And you’ll want the ability to increase your investment over time.

It’s easy to set up a regular investment plan with Moneycube.


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