Investing into life company investment funds – illustration

Life companies are the main investment providers in Ireland. Moneycube has relationships with all five of them.  (You can also invest directly into funds – more on this here).

The total annual fee is 1.25% of the value of your funds.

That means for every €100 invested using Moneycube, €1.25 is deducted per year in fees to Moneycube and the fund manager.

Of the total annual fee, Moneycube receives 0.5% as commission to cover the cost of our financial advice and investment service.  The rest (i.e. 0.75%) is the fund manager’s fee.  This is charged by the manager of the investment fund for managing your investments.

0.50% + 0.75% = 1.25%

Small print:

  1. Certain specialist funds may charge more than 0.75%, but for the vast majority of investors, this is the cost (we’ll always let you know if we’re recommending something different).
  2. This is based on an allocation rate of 100%.  That means that for every €100 invested, €100 is used (allocated) to buy units in the selected fund.
  3. There is a government levy of 1% on all payments into savings plans which are structured as life assurance policies.  This is a one-off government charge, not a recurring fee.


You can read in more detail on Moneycube’s fees here.


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