Set your savings or pension on autopilot with index funds from Vanguard

We can help you invest today in great-value passive funds from Vanguard and many others.

Moneycube provides a unique blend of fund choices, digital convenience, and qualified financial advice to help investors in Ireland put their money to work.

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Own the market using index funds

You can set up a general investment account, a pension, or invest your ARF.
You can invest a lump sum or a monthly amount, or both. You can add to, or withdraw your money at any time.
And support from a Qualified Financial Advisor is on hand throughout to help you put your money to work.

Globally diversified index funds

Invest in a ready-made portfolio of low-cost investment funds - and add other, specialist funds if you want to.

Withdraw your funds at any time

It's your money: so you can add to it or withdraw it at any time.

Transparent, great-value pricing

We hate hidden costs, so we’ve made our fees simple, clear and great value.


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