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Ongoing support for employers

Moneycube can provide a range of ongoing support services for employers.

Incentives for key management and owner-managers

Many companies wish to provide bespoke pension and benefits arrangements for key staff members.  We can help you construct and implement these as part of your overall HR and financial strategy for the business.

Employee communication

No workplace benefits plan will achieve its true potential without clear engagement from your team.  As your pensions partner, Moneycube helps you communicate the benefits of the company pension you offer.

We also handle onboarding, offboarding and pension changes efficiently, to minimise the noise on your side, and maximise satisfaction from your staff.


Pensions requirements on employers can be complex.

We work with you to navigate the changing world of pensions legislation, so that you can be confident you are satisfying your obligations.


Talk to Moneycube today about how you can improve your staff pension and benefits package.