At Moneycube we want to help people take control of their savings.  But that doesn’t mean you should pay much attention to the ups and downs of the stock market, or bother checking your investments every day.

Here’s why – and what you should do instead.

Investing is a long term game

Most news is noise. The twists and turns of the ISEQ index, or of any individual company on a single day don’t make much difference to the savvy investor.

What’s important is giving your investment time.  That way, you are aiming to build up lots of fractions-of-a-percent gains that don’t make the news. Cumulatively, this compounding effect is what will grow your wealth.

Funds reduce your exposure to any single news event

If you’ve chosen our preferred route to investment, using funds, you’ll have spread your risk nicely among different countries, industries and types of asset.

So rather than betting the farm on any single factor, your wealth will grow over time, through the overall performance of a bunch of factors.

Most news is already priced in

By the time you hear some news about a hot stock, or a sector to avoid, there is probably not much to be done. Investment professionals have real-time access to the market.  If you’re investing through a professionally managed fund, your fund manager is doing this for you.

By the time it hits the six o’clock news, any investment gains or losses are likely baked into the price.

Instead: set the right direction at the start

That’s not to say nothing can be done. In fact, because you can’t do much about what the market does on any single day, it is all the more important to set up your investment plans right from the start.

At Moneycube that means four things:

1. Seeking good-value fees
2. Investing into diversified funds
3. Drip-feeding your investment regularly through a direct debit
4. Sitting back and giving your savings time to grow.

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