End-of-year investing checklist

It’s almost the end of 2020 – and most of us will be happy to see it gone.  Before we do, here are Moneycube’s five to-dos to wrap up your 2020 investments and finances. 1. Review your capital gains tax position If you purchase shares directly, this one’s for you. Every taxpayer in Ireland has … Continued

December year end? Now’s the time to boost your company pension

If your company is like most in Ireland, its accounting year ends in December.  And that means now’s the time to think about making a special contribution to your company pension – especially if you’ve experienced a strong trading year. Read on to find out what’s good about topping up a company pension before year … Continued

What is a Personal Retirement Bond (PRB)?

A Personal Retirement Bond (sometimes called a Buyout Bond) is a pension account you can use to transfer out pensions from old jobs.  You keep all the tax benefits of a pension, but cut the link with your old employer. Using a Pensions Retirement Bond means you are fully in control of investment choices, get … Continued

How will the US presidential election affect my investment portfolio?

With less than a week until the US election, markets have stayed calm.  But the result could make quite a difference to some corners of the investment market.  Moneycube examines the implications for your investment portfolio. Markets are pricing for Biden Right now, the markets are tentatively anticipating a win by Joe Biden.  European investment … Continued

Irish Life MAPS review

Irish Life Multi-Asset Portfolios (or Irish Life MAPS) is hard to avoid.  It’s the biggest multi-asset range of funds in Ireland. It sometimes seems like its advertisements are on the side of every bus.  And AIB, Permanent TSB and Ulster Bank also promote it heavily. So is it right for you, and is there a … Continued

How to support employees’ financial wellbeing in a new work landscape

Financial worry is one of the knock-on effects of Covid. From our work advising on company pensions and benefits, here are some tips to help you insulate your employees. 2020 has seen our workplaces turned upside down.  A year ago, employers were thinking about pool tables and sofas to support their employees’ happiness. Today, the … Continued

Pensions Awareness Week launches today

Pensions Awareness Week is back!   Pensions Awareness Week is an initiative to raise awareness about retirement planning, and help people take charge of their long-term savings. This year, we’re going digital. Taking place from 21 to 25 September, we will host webcasts, offer content and consultations, and speak up in the media.   We’ve … Continued