Building your investment plan

It starts with a picture…

Our smart advice approach helps you visualise your investment.  We help you think about why you are saving, how much you want to set aside, and set a saving goal.  Then we help you put that money into an investment fund.

What’s an investment fund?

An investment fund is a pool of money which is professionally managed to achieve returns for investors over the medium term. The investment manager uses the money to buy assets, typically bonds and shares, on behalf of the investors.  More on investment funds

At the same time, Moneycube considers important investment priorities like fees, asset allocation, rebalancing, tax efficiency, liquidity and risk management.

Question time

Now your investment plan is coming into focus, we ask some questions to understand where you are, and where you’re going.  Our online tool enables you to think about your goals, risk tolerance, and what you can afford to put away.  We also perform our compliance and client identity, address and PPS number checks while we set up your account.

Moneycube is on hand to help throughout – via our secure messaging service and phone support

Your personalised report

Armed with the facts, it’s over to us.  A Qualified Financial Advisor reviews your account, and (assuming we have what you need), Moneycube prepares a personalised report called a Statement of Suitability.

A Statement of Suitability is a document explaining the reasons why Moneycube considers a particular investment plan is suitable for you.  More on how select an investment.

Go on, ask us!  We know you’ll have questions. So we support you online, by phone or even face-to-face to be sure everything makes sense.

Action time

All set?  It’s time to act.

To kick off your investment fund, send your cash straight from your bank to your fund provider.  At the same time, we’ll submit your order for dealing.  Normally your money will be invested on the day following receipt of the cash by the fund provider, and you can check the status of your investment at any time online.

Get started with Moneycube today.