Take charge of your wealth with a Self-Administered Pension

If you have €300,000 or more to invest, a Small Self-Administered Pension Scheme (SSAPS) gives you the ultimate control over your pension.

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We’ve got your SSAPS covered

With great power comes great responsibility. Stan Lee created that line for a superhero and it rings true for your pension too.

Setting up a SSAPS needs a clear plan, ongoing management for growth, and the right team to make it happen.

The team at Moneycube can help at each stage, giving you the confidence to take good decisions and helping you navigate your additional responsibilities.

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Maximum control over your investments

SSAPS offer your the widest choice and control over your pension investments

Ideal for property investments

Select, manage, and borrow against investment property through your pension

Full pension tax benefits

Tax-deductible contributions, tax-free investment growth, tax-free lump sum at retirement