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Services for employees

Workplace savings and investments

As an investment specialist, Moneycube specialises in helping people put their money to work.

Moneycube can help your team to put in place regular savings plans and lump sum investments – potentially through your payroll – to make more of their money.

Advice at retirement

Retirement brings changes to your employee’s finances.

There are important decisions to be made on how to draw down pension savings, and planning future income.

We decode the world of tax-free lump sums, annuities and approved retirement funds.

By working through these options with your retiring employees, Moneycube can help ease the transition from staff member to retiree, and reduce the burden the former employer.

Financial advice

The world abounds with more financial information than ever.  But to get control over personal finances, or to take full advantage of your earnings, financial advice and planning can make all the difference.

With Moneycube, a Qualified Financial Advisor is on hand to help your team with financial planning matters.

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