Your investment account fee has two elements: our ongoing advice and service fee, and the fund manager’s ongoing fee.  We work hard to keep the total ongoing fee below 1.5%.  That means for every €100 you invest, €1.50 is deducted per year in fees to Moneycube and the fund manager.  

Moneycube receives between 0.5% and 1% of this as commission to cover the cost of our financial advice and investment service.  The rest is the fund manager’s fee.  This is charged by the manager of the investment fund for managing your investments.  If your investment is through a life assurance policy, a government insurance levy of 1% on your contributions is also applied.

Moneycube charges a fraction of the cost of most traditional financial advisors, meaning you could typically save 75% on fees for regular or lump sum investment.  We hate hidden costs so our fees are simple, clear, and great value.

Fees come from your investment pot.  That means there are no separate bills or bank transactions, and you can see the value of your Moneycube at any time.

Moneycube hates hidden charges.  So there are no fees for adding or withdrawing money, no trading fees, and no hourly rate charges for our investment services.  If we meet with you for a wider financial planning discussion, we will discuss any charges upfront so there are no nasty surprises.