Your money is placed directly with big-name fund providers who are in a strong financial position.  Moneycube is also a member of the Investor Compensation Scheme, Ireland’s statutory compensation fund for customers of authorised investment firms.

Like all things that are worthwhile investing carries an element of risk.  Moneycube helps you decide the level of risk you’re comfortable to take. Our risk scale lets you choose from a low- or no-risk approach upwards. We also stress-test your decision via scenario-based questions.

Moneycube takes the security of your personal information very seriously.  Any information you provide on our website is transmitted using secure SSL technology with 256-bit encryption, and stored with Amazon Web Services, who are a global leader in information security.

Where we store sensitive information, we use strong encryption algorithms similar to those used by the major high-street banks.  We also insist on a minimum password length and require you to use upper case letters, numbers and special characters in your password to make it more secure.

At the same time, account security is also your responsibility. You should never share your password, or let anyone else have access to your Moneycube account.