A fund is an investment that pools together the money from many investors. Fund managers then use it to invest in a wide range of shares and/or bonds. Each investor is issued units, which represent a portion of the holdings of the fund.  In Ireland, the fund is often held via a life assurance policy.

Funds are popular with investors because they offer access to a ready-made investment portfolio run by an expert in their field. You can normally invest relatively low amounts, and get instant access to a diversified portfolio for a much lower cost than purchasing the individual investments yourself.

Good question.  Using a life assurance policy has several benefits, such as pooling your money into a large fund with other investors, being able to save regular amounts with big-name providers, and being able to move your money into different assets without triggering a tax charge.   

Diversification is a way to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket.  The idea is that a fund constructed of different kinds of investments will, on average, yield higher returns and pose a lower risk than any individual investment found within the portfolio.

Your money will be placed with a fund manager who spreads it among a range of appropriate assets.  We have relationships with most major fund providers in the Irish market.  Depending on your investment needs, we recommend the most suitable home for your savings.  In all cases, your investment will be managed by well-capitalised, reputable financial institutions with a strong track record of investment management.


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