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Zurich Prisma funds review

Zurich Prisma funds are one of the best-known multi-asset ranges in Ireland. Against comparable funds, they are consistently at or near the top of their peer group. That’s led more than 70,000 people in Ireland invest in Prisma. So what are Zurich Prisma funds, how do they perform, and should you invest in them? What … Continued

Auto-enrolment in Ireland: how will it affect you?

Auto-enrolment in Ireland: if you’re serious about your pension, Ireland’s auto-enrolment solution won’t get you there Moneycube’s calculations indicate a regular person can hope for a retirement income of just under €12,000 per year using Ireland’s promised auto-enrolment programme.   On 29 March the government announced auto-enrolment really is coming to Ireland – in 2024. … Continued

Is your money invested in Russia?

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the wider world has shown notable unity and decisiveness in placing sanctions and asset freezes upon oligarchs close to the Russian regime, Russian companies, and restricting global payments systems. There’s been an immediate knock-on effect in the investment industry.  One major index provider has described Russian market … Continued

Should I invest in gold?

Going for gold is the 3,000-year-old investment strategy.  So is now the time for people in Ireland to invest in gold? Gold has some characteristics that investors just can’t ignore.  When governments print money, countries fight wars, or political uncertainty increases, share prices can come under pressure. But demand for gold grows. This is the … Continued

Smart money has a style

Do women investors outperform men? An understanding of some common yet unconscious behaviours could help to improve investment returns. Advisors can play a fundamental role to observing these behaviours and helping to ensure decisions being made are mindful. According to a study by US fund manager Fidelity, in 2021, women investors outperform men, with 67% of … Continued

What smart investors do during market turbulence

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is above all a humanitarian tragedy, with several chapters yet to unfold.  The reactions of the financial markets today – and over recent weeks – have reflected the fast-moving nature of the crisis.  What are the implications for investors? Today’s events in the markets carry an important lesson.  At the start … Continued

What do recent market moves mean for your investment portfolio?

It’s been a rough few weeks for investors focused on growth stocks, especially early-stage technology companies. But what does that mean for your investments as a whole, and what are the prospects for the year ahead? Here are three lessons from the change in sentiment. 1. Investing in fast growth is slow work Firstly, let’s … Continued

AMRF changes – what’s happening?

There’s no doubt that the Irish pensions landscape could benefit from being simpler. So the abolition of Approved Minimum Retirement Funds, or AMRFs from 1 January 2022 is broadly to be welcomed. But what does it mean if you’re approaching retirement, or if you already have an AMRF?  We’ve set out the main considerations for … Continued

What does IORP II mean for company pensions in Ireland?

The effects of new European Union legislation IORP II (Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision) last year are beginning to be felt in Ireland. Up to now, the focus has been on self-administered pensions, or SSAPs.  But what does IORP II mean for company pensions?  We’ve highlighted three principal issues to consider. 1. Stronger governance The overall … Continued