We all feel that we should have done more to build up our savings and retirement plans.

But what’s important is making a start today, not worrying about missed opportunities in the past.

The reason for this is compounding – that is, when the growth in your investment is reinvested, and generates additional growth.

The sooner your investments start to compound, the more powerful this is.

Show me the numbers

For example, if you start putting €250 per month into a pension pot at the age of 22, your fund would be worth nearly €1 million by the time you reached 65.  (Small print: this is based on average annual growth of 7%.  The precise figure is €982,839).

You would have paid in €154,800.  The other €828,000 represents the growth in your investment!

What if I wait?

If you wait until you are 42, you’d need to put in nearly €1,500 per month to get to €1 million by 65.

You would contribute €414,000 yourself, with €609,000 coming from investment growth.

Don’t delay, pay in today

Time and compounding are your friends when it comes to investments and pensions.  That’s why today is the best time to make a start investing your money.

By investing €400 a month you could save €27,900 in 5 years

Using our "Picture your money" tool, you can find out how your money could work for you.

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Note: This is an initial indication to help you picture your money. Remember that with investments it is not possible to know for certain what returns you will achieve. Please note the investment warnings at the bottom of the page. This is the approximate before-tax return on an investment which grew at 6% over 5 years.


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