Pensions Awareness Week Ireland (PAW) is back and bigger than ever!  Join Moneycube and over twenty other contributors  from 20 – 24 September to create a roadmap for your financial future.

PAW21 will offer:
1. Free financial information and 30 online events covering the A to Z of pensions
2. Free 1-2-1 consultations on your pension
3. We’ll also be speaking up in the media on the importance of pensions and how people in Ireland can get to grips with them

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The centrepiece of PAW21 is a Masterclass each day, focusing on five different industries: the creative sector; childcare; healthcare; tech; and professional services.

With industry leaders, pensions experts, and well-recognised hosts, we’ll discuss the financial dynamics of each industry, and the part pensions can play in building wealth.

We’ve spotlighted each event below – click the links to register now.

PAW21 Masterclasses

Creative with money

It’s been a whirlwind 18 months for those working in the arts, creative industries, and all the professions that support it.

This Masterclass with industry insiders and financial professionals will cover the impact of recent months on your finances and how you can respond to stabilise and improve your personal finance situation.

This session will also cover budgeting, financial planning, and taking advantage of pensions as a freelancer/ self employed person.

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Person Writing

Pensions in the Childcare sector

Ireland’s childcare sector is finally getting recognition for the crucial role it plays supporting families and businesses alike. But childcare entrepreneurs and professionals need to secure their own financial position, as well as helping others.

The sector is labour intensive, highly regulated, and margins can be thin – so getting pensions right for staff, and extracting wealth as an owner is critical. If you work in childcare, this Masterclass shows you how.

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Healthcare Pic

Wealthcare for Healthcare

Healthcare professionals haven’t had much time to stay on top of their finances lately. So this one-hour session aims to give all you need to know about planning your pension if you’re a medical or healthcare professional.

Many healthcare workers have multiple employments, both public and private. Some smart planning can make sure your pension situation is optimised for your situation, and matches the shape of your career in healthcare.

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Laptop Pic

Programming your future – pensions in tech and rapid growth businesses

Tech and rapid-growth businesses have some unique pensions and benefits challenges. Young and mobile workforces have different demands and expectations. And there may be competing demands for short-term benefits like RSUs and bonuses, making engagement difficult.

If you have responsibility for pensions and people in a fast-growth business in Ireland, this Masterclass is for you.

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Prof Services Pic

Project Pension – maximising wealth for people working in professional services

If you work in professional services you’re used to setting high standards, managing for results, and being bang up-to-date with industry changes. But can you say the same about your pension?

There is money to be won and lost by taking a professional approach to your pension. This Masterclass is dedicated to helping people in professional services apply the standards of excellence and rigour to their financial lives that they are used to delivering professionally.

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What’s Pensions Awareness Week?

Pensions Awareness Week (PAW) is an initiative to raise awareness about the importance of pensions for all people in Ireland.

Many of us feel that we should be doing more to get to grips with our pension plans. Pensions Awareness Week is where that conversation starts. It’s the only place where pension savers, pension experts, businesses and financial wellbeing organisations get together to offer help.

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How to start a pension in Ireland


Should you be doing more for your retirement? Our free ebook guides you through your pension options and answers the three big questions to get you on your way to a well-planned retirement. 

How to start a pension in Ireland