Moneycube is often asked about the investment alternatives for someone with around €10,000 to invest.

Is there a worthwhile alternative to leaving the cash in the bank?  Yes, absolutely!  We’ve set out some considerations for someone with this kind of sum to invest.

An investment fund is ideal

With €10,000 at stake, the risk of putting all your eggs in one basket, as well as the stockbroker costs, mean that buying individual shares is a difficult route to follow.  And certain options are out of the question – for example, buying an investment property.  For most people, far better to go with an investment fund.  These funds pool money from many investors and use it to buy a range of assets.

Most of the life assurance companies in Ireland have ‘multi-asset’ funds which you can take advantage of with a sum of this size.  These funds are relatively cheap to buy, and hold many underlying investments.  They are designed for a range different risk/ reward ratings.  So the chances are there will be a multi-asset fund that matches your appetite for risk.

What’s your €10,000 for?

Are you investing to grow your lump sum, to generate an income, or maybe to do the right thing?  Depending on what you want, there will be a fund for you.

For example, Friends First’s Stewardship ethical fund shuns certain underlying investments such as tobacco.  Its biggest holding is in Apple Inc, and it returned over 20% in the year to 31 March 2017.  Alternatively, you might want exposure to the property market, and decide to take a slice of a commercial property fund.

The second side of this question is deciding how long you can put your money away for.  In general, the longer you can afford to leave your cash, the higher the levels of risk/ reward you can take, as your investment has time to ride out bumps in the market.

Focus on cost

With a sum like €10,000, you’ll want to avoid soaking a lot of the money up in one-off costs to access the investment.  So be sure to scrutinise the transaction costs.

Tax is another cost consideration.  For example, using the money to top up your pension (usually known as Additional Voluntary Contributions) could be a good use of the money.  For a higher-rate taxpayer, that would turn your €10,000 into €16,667 right away, with the benefit of tax relief on the contribution.  On the other hand, your investment will be locked up for some time as a result.

Consider adding to your savings

Now you’ve done the right thing with your money, consider following it by setting up a regular plan to top up.  Building up wealth is all about good habits, and investing your first €10,000 is probably the hardest bit.

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