Are you financially fit?  Here’s Moneycube’s one-minute financial health check to help you take the pulse of your finances.

Is your money working for you?

Spring 2020 has seen a marked rise in volatility in the markets. There are winners and losers. Do your investments fit with your true appetite for risk and reward?

If you invested some years ago, it may be time to recalibrate. You could be in a fund which has underperformed (here’s an example), paying seriously over-the-odds fees, or have tax losses that you could take advantage of.

Whatever the case, Moneycube can review your portfolio, and help you whip your lump sum and regular investments into shape.

What would happen if…

…you got sick or died?  There’s no nice way of asking the question – but it still needs an answer.

If you have family dependent on your income, you probably need some insurance to cover the gap if something happened to you.  That comes in the form of critical illness and life assurance cover.  Get in touch if we can help.

Do you have expensive debt?

Expensive debt is basically any loan apart from a mortgage.  Is your credit card cleared each month?  Is your bank account in credit?

If you didn’t answer yes to each of these, it’s time to make a change.  Paying down your cards and overdraft, and keeping them paid down, is likely your financial priority.  Once you’ve nailed that, consider starting a rainy day fund.

What does retirement look like?

Have you got a pension plan?  And is it realistic?  If not, you’ll want to drive up your contributions.

Retirement might seem ages away, but the earlier you start, the more your money can grow.  Dig out that annual pension letter and force yourself to read the prediction of what your retirement income will look like.

Get some ideas on what you can do to improve your position.  Then call us if you’d like some help!


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