Five questions really count if you’re planning to invest a lump sum.

1. How much work you’re prepared to do

Some investments need more of your attention than others.  The great thing about placing a lump sum in an investment fund is that your money is managed professionally on your behalf – both by the fund manager itself, and by the companies in the underlying fund.

Investing in other asset classes such as property, or directly into shares, need considerably more of your day-to-day attention.

Most of us don’t have time to sort broken boilers in an investment apartment, or pore over the financial pages to track share prices daily.  That’s where Moneycube comes in.

2. How much of your lump sum is really available

Great news – some cash has come your way.  Now it’s worth taking some time to think about how much is really available to invest.

Are there other good uses for the money?  Clearing expensive debt – that means credit cards – is the first action to take.

Maybe you also have an opportunity to put some of your cash into paying down a mortgage, or topping up a pension (Moneycube can help you consider these options).

How much is left?  Lots of providers will only help you if you have €10,000 or more to invest.

Moneycube can help investors get started with lump sums from €2,500 to €250,000 and more.  Better still, we can help you continue the good habit with a regular investment plan.

3. And for how long

How much time can you invest for?  There is no hard-and-fast rule, and with Moneycube, you can encash your investment at any time.  But your money needs time to grow, and recover from any short-term costs and setbacks.

At Moneycube, we say that if you’re planning to cash in more than 25% within three years, you should probably reduce the size of your investment lump sum, and leave more of the money in the bank.

4. Avoid getting tied down

Don’t accept more restrictions on your investment than necessary.  Your requirements may change over time, so opt for maximum flexibility now.

Some providers attempt to charge fees for cashing in your money in the early years, or for changing your risk/ reward level.  With the funds Moneycube provides, you can avoid these constraints.

5. The usual rules still apply

If you’ve nailed these questions, it’s time to consider the two essentials of any investment: choosing your investment goal, and deciding how much risk you’re willing to take.  Moneycube’s online investment process will help you develop both.


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